Quiet Air Compressors – Here’s a Guide on What you Need to Know & Our Top Picks

When looking for a quiet air compressor, you should consider using one designed for closed spaces.

This fact means these air compressors produce as little noise as possible than the standard, perfect for anyone who hates loud and noisy ones. 

By standard means, noise from an air compressor is measured in decibels.

Of course, the lower the number, the less loud the compressor will be. One example of this is oil-lubricated compressors are generally quieter than non-lubricated compressors.

A conventional air compressor has a noise level of 130 decibels, while the standard vacuum produces 60-85 decibels. On the other hand, a lawnmower produces 90 decibels. This means that the decibel level is very dependent on the quality of equipment that you are using.

Moreover, a quiet air compressor is the one that runs at a decibel level of less than 80 and the most peaceful being in the low 50s. So if you find your air compressor loud or making sounds, one very possible reason is that the manufacturer doesn’t reveal the actual decibel rating of the product. 

As if that’s not enough, most users look for a silent air compressor that is powerful and efficient, which means they’re always looking for a suitable and quiet product in the long run.

That’s why, in this post, we’ll look at the quietest air compressors based on their decibel (dB), unit of pressure (PSI), cubic feet per minute (CFM), and horsepower. Additionally, check out our complete buyer’s guide at the bottom for more information on how we chose those compressors. 

We’ll also cover what causes your compressor to make sounds, the usual noise level of an ultra-silent compressor, and the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this very useful equipment. That’s why you better read on if you want to learn more about compressors and discover which one is the best for you.

Here’s the Quietest Air Compressors on the Market for 2021:

1. California Air Tools 8010SPC – Ultra Quiet 40 Decibels  

The California Air Tools 8010SPC is the compressor for you, especially if you want a highly quiet compressor that will operate all of your power tools without a problem.

With dimensions of 21 x 20 x 32 inches, it can be stored almost anywhere and won’t get in the way when in use. Other useful features of this tiny equipment include its compatibility and efficient engine. Therefore you’ll have to do less equipment maintenance in the future.

In addition, the motor spins at 1400 RPM and produces only 40 dB of noise, which is perfect for anyone looking for a small but amazing compressor. So far, this industrial motor is one of the quietest on the market, which includes a soundproof cabinet with foam insulation that decreases noise and vibration.

Superior Air Output

The 1.0-hp engine can push the machine out 3.00 CFM @ 90 PSI and 4.00 CFM @ 40 PSI, and a maximum PSI of 115 is achievable on an 8,0-gallon device. This is more than enough power to run your pneumatic equipment properly.

Sustainable & Convenient

The 8.0-gallon tank is made from steel, which makes it longer lasting than aluminum. Over the years, it is still robust and less prone to distortion, bending, or deformity. However, steel, more than aluminum, is heavier and denser. However, this does not mean that you can’t reposition the compressor. With its caster wheels found on the compressor housing, you can move it effortlessly, even with a weight of 125 pounds, from one place to another.


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Low to no maintenance costs
  • Little maintenance required
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Powerful motor


  • Loud cooling fan

2. GSS GSOC-270C – Oil Free Silent Air Compressor 

Oil-free air compressors are much easier to manage than oil compressors. They also last much longer therefore in the long run, they cost less. Additionally, they have a one-of-a-kind, low-noise design, and one great example is the GSS Oil-Free Silent Air Compressor. All these features are found in this specific model making this product a superb running machine with many capabilities.


The GSS air compressor is ideally suited for many uses. It has a one hp engine, which is 220V and has 50/60Hz power giving it an airflow capacity of a maximum of 116 PSI and runs 400L/minute.

This is more than plenty for all your programs to run and it’s suitable for medical applications, E.N.T. machinery, laser & plasma cuts, and more.

Moreover, there are two handy gauges on the equipment to hold tabs on the air pressure the machine gives.

Silent & Robust

Only about 50 dB emanates from this air compressor. This is lower than many other on-the-market compressors. As a result, it can be utilized without compromising comfort and performance in a range of locations.

There’s a potent suppressor that minimizes the noise while the tank consists of stainless steel, which is far longer lasting than aluminum or plastic. In addition, the chest structure makes managing and storage more manageable and reliable.


  • Easily stored
  • Portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use 


  • None so far

3. Kobalt Quiet Tech – Quiet & Portable – Only 64 Decibels


Kobalt is known all over the world as a household and an industrial brand. From power tools to toilets and now air compressors — everything is possible with them.

This Kobalt is quieter on the market than many others. Not so silent like the compressor in California Air Tools, but relatively silent despite its price. And here are the other features offered by this amazing product:

Strong engine

A 120V 1hp induction engine with two pumps and 7.5 amps is used for this compressor, which means no oil is needed for the pump. Thus, there is no need for an oil level or a burnt-out engine to worry about. An oil-free motor will also result in lower maintenance and expense. The sound isn’t very loud even if the engine is this strong. Only 64 decibels are heard from this powerful machine.

Ideal Air Pressure

From the 4,3-gallon double tanks, the Kobalt 1 hp motor produces no more than 150 PSI. You’re going to get 3.3 CFM @ 40 PSI. It has tons of air to run your nailer or other air tools. With the gauges found above the machine, you can maintain checks on the pressure whenever needed since there is a pressure regulator also found between the two pressure gauges. The knob is huge and can be turned easily. And there’s a one-handed quick connect coupler for an air hose if you need to change something out.

Well-Built and Portable 

This is a powerful machine with lots of advantages. First, thanks to the non-flat tires, it is designed to be portable. But wait – they aren’t cheap tires of plastic, which means you’re getting high-quality wheels to make moving around easier than ever. 

On the contrary, they are made of solid, long-lasting plastic, which means they can be a little heavy compared to other lightweight compressors in the market. There is also a robust metal handle that retracts with a maximum grip. On either side of the handle, there is a lever and the handle can glide up and down with these levers.


  • Quiet operation
  • High-quality construction
  • Powerful motor
  • Portable
  • Oil-free pump


  • None so far

4. California Air Tools 8010 – 8 Gallon Ultra Quiet 

This is another compressor for California Air Tools. This product is equipped with a one-horsepower oil-free engine and an 8-gallon tank, a wheel kit and an air filter are also provided, but no tubing is included in the package.

In addition, a 1⁄4″ lake-fast connector is also required to connect the hose to the machine. However, this compressor is still an excellent air compressor, except for those few parts that are not included. These are the reasons why: 

Strong engine

The 1-hp engine is sturdy and robust. They don’t have to run on oil, which implies that your maintenance is less costly. This also enables the compressor to operate in a variety of temperatures and uneven terrain without problems. The engine may use at a high of 2 horsepower. However, it is not advised.

Air Output

The air compressor can produce 2.20 CFM at 90 PSI and 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI. For the tank to fill out empty, it takes just 130 seconds. In about 30 seconds, it goes from 90 PSI to 120 PSI. This is substantially faster than many other air compressors now on the market.

Easy to Carry Around & Sustainable

The compressor is powerful and lasting, just like any other California Air Tools. If you use your compressor for various jobs, portability and durability are equally crucial. The air tank is a steel tank of just 54 pounds and can be transported with the wheel quickly. In addition, this compressor has a lifetime of 3,000 plus hours compared with compressors that have a lifetime of just 500 hours. That is a very huge difference.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Extended Life
  • Powerful Motor
  • High air Output
  • Quiet


  • Somewhat unreliable air pressure

5. California Air Tools 15020C – 15 Gallon Ultra Quiet

This is another great compressor from California Air Tools. It’s the 15020C model with 15 gallons of air. It is supposed to be one of the quietest two hp compressors on the market. This product is also made with a petroleum-free design that makes the motor lasts longer and requires little or no maintenance, which saves you money. Some other practical features are provided here:

Operates Quietly 

This is one of the quietest two-hp engines available, as described above. It is only 1680 RPM long. Sometimes you can hear slight noise caused by minor wear in the long run. However, since the new engines have been created in these machines they also improved through time, which means the operating cycle can operate longer on its current versions. So far, only 70 decibels of sound are released by this product.

Powerful engine

The engine is two horsepower within the compressor. It boasts a dual-piston oil-free pump with a lifetime of more than 3,000 hours. Compared to compressors with a life of only 500 hours, this is significantly higher. The oil-free pump allows the compressor to start on a range of temperatures and grounds. In addition, an easy-to-start valve exists that releases air from the pump during startup to cause no charge. The engine is then free to rotate. This means that in freezing temperatures, less amperage is used.

Air Output 

The compressor can be fitted with up to 130 PSI from this engine. CFM 6.40 @ 40 PSI and 5.3 CFM At 90 PSI will be given. Once the tank is filled, there are 15 gallons of air. The compressor will take around 3 minutes for empty filling and 1 1/2 for half-empty filling.


  • Exceptional air output
  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet
  • Easily portable
  • Affordable


  • Reports of leaks from the check valve
  • Reports of smoking


6. California Air Tools CAT-20015HPAD – 20 Gallon Quiet Compressor (70 Db)

Another air compressor from California Air Tools is on our list! If you haven’t noticed yet, this brand creates a pattern of the quietest compressors available. It includes a 1.5 hp non-oil motor which boosts the machine’s power and longevity. This air compressor has other things to offer like the following:

Simple to Use 

It is pretty easy to operate the California Air Tools CAT-20015HPAD. The air is released from the pump during start-up by an easy starter valve on the machine. This allows the compressor to run free of charge, thereby helping the engine to start.

This compressor requires fewer amps so that cooler temperatures can start quickly. On top of the machine, there are additionally two gages. One is the pressure gauge of the tank, while the other is a prescription gauge.

Operates Quietly 

The air compressor of California Air Tools has a 1.5 hp engine operating at 1750 rpm only. This means that the machine makes less noise. However, it only produces 70 decibels, as do the other compressors for California Air Tools.

Powerful engine

The 1.5 HP engine does not require oil. Hence it takes much longer to maintain. However, it saves you overall money and time because of its dual-piston pump without oil, which can help the compressor to last 3,000 hours. In addition, 3.80 CFM @ 90 PSI and 4 CFM @ 40 PSI will also be given to you and a maximum PSI of 175 is available.


  • Low amp draw
  • Ideal CFM
  • Quick tank refill
  • Powerful motor
  • Oil-free


  • Wobbly wheels


7. California Air Tools CAT 30020C-22060 – 30 Gallon Quiet Air Compressor 

Air compressors are very silent with the California Air Tool s30020C-22060. They require no oil. Additionally, it is one of the calmest air compressors on the market, with around 30 percent less noise than its competitors. Together with its powerful motor, its long service life, durability, and easy usage, you have a superb machine for yourself. Let’s see a few of its other characteristics:

Silent engine

The air compressor California Air Tools has just 70 decibels available since it is considerably lower than some of the others on the market. The engine only works at 1680 RMP, an excellent machine capability to operate, helping minimize noise. Moreover, it makes the machine less wearable.

Longer Lifespan 

It has a lifespan of over 3,000 hours for this air compressor, while other devices are only 500 hours long. This is partly owing to the dual piston pump without oil and the trim RPMs. The combination of these and the machine must work less than other machines. However, that does not jeopardize authority.


This air compressor puts a little bit of it in terms of power. It sports a 2-hp engine that uses fewer amps and has no load startup. So during the chilly weather, it’s easier to start. In addition, 6.40 CFM @ 40 PSI and 5.30 CFM @ 90 PSI can be provided. The ASME air tank can accommodate 30 gallons of air. It can easily operate all your pneumatic tools.


  • Acceptable CFM
  • Powerful motor
  • Quickly starts in cold weather
  • Portable
  • Long lifespan
  • Durable
  • 1-year warranty


  • None


8. California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD – Ultra-Quiet 60 Gallon Unit

And the pattern continues. Check out another one of the quiet compressor from California Air Tools; although this is the perfect one if you are seeking a greater air compressor capacity. The tank has a total of 60 gallons. For shops, garages, or even for industrial uses, this is more than adequate. It is also relatively quiet, sturdy, and has a high CFM output, not just a high air capacity. So let’s see what other benefits it can give:

Strong Engine

A 2 hp oil-free engine is supplied with the California Air Tools compressor. An oil-free pump ensures that the machine will have low maintenance and expenditures. The engine only uses 1680 RPM, which minimizes noise and reduces wear. This also increases the motor’s lifetime. As a matter of fact, its competitors’ lifespan is about 500 hours, this one can last up to 3000 or more hours.

Good Amount of Air Output

The compressor can produce 10.60 CFM @ 90 PSI and 12.60 CFM @ 40 PSI, thanks to the 2-hp engine and big 60-gallon-ASME-air tank. This compressor should not make it hard for you to run power tools. It simply takes a few minutes to refill after the air tank becomes empty.

Minimal Sounds

As this unit is bigger, it will produce more noise on the list than other smaller units. After the device starts, around 75 noise decibels are created. This is still adequate in comparison to other compressors. This is about 30% lower than other machines.


  • Relatively quiet
  • Powerful motor
  • Large 60-gallon tank
  • Durable
  • Portable 
  • High CFM


  • Reported issues with relief valve leaking


9. EMAX E10V080V1 – Whisper Quiet 80 Gallon Compressors 

Check out the EMAX quiet air compressor if you want a moderately silent air compressor with power and a vast storage capacity. The engine holds 80 gallons of air and has a robust ten-horsepower engine. Additionally, here is what it has to offer:

Powerful Engine 

It features a ten-horsepower approximately 2-stage V4-1 engine with 1.750 rpm operation. As a result, it’s significantly quieter, cooler, and long-lasting than other similar air compressors. The air compressor is also one of the coolest available. Moreover, it contains an integrated indoor cooler and an after-cooler that helps to operate at a 35% lower temperature – this decreases moisture accumulation and hence extends the pump’s life.

High air performance and durability

Working pressure of 45 PSI can be placed on EMAX. There are also 38 CFM @ 100 PSI and 34 CFM @ 175 PSI. There are magnetic starters, a 200 PSI powder coated ASME tank, and a reciprocal pump with a rated iron of 70,000 hr.

All of this is part of what makes this machine so robust. It has been designed for commercial and industrial use to last up to 70,000 hours.

Operates Silently

It produces minimum noise for such a massive machine. The compressor dissipates noise intake, gives a 25% lower noise during operation and air intake channels. In combination with the 1,750 RPM engine, the only thing you can hear is approximately 78 Decibels—only a few points above the smallest compressors of California Air Tools.


  • Quiet for its industrial size
  • Large 80-gallon tank
  • High CFM
  • Powerful ten—only, hp motor
  • Ideal cooling technology
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable


  • Heavy


10. Homegreg 56 Db Ultra Silent Oil-Free Air Compressor

Do you require a little compressor to carry out the task you need while still remain silent and discreet? This is exactly what you need – the Homegreg Ultra Silent compressor. Its tiny form makes it the ideal shed or garage machine. It’s worth the money, paired with its quietness and convenience. Some additional noteworthy features are here:

Easy and Quiet Performance

It’s pretty silent like the title says. It only takes place at approximately 56 decibels. It is excellent for interior applications. When the machine is fully functioning and you want to talk to visitors, no problem at all. The unit is not only quiet but is also incredibly easy to use. It’s a machine without oil, meaning that the piston doesn’t need oil. This reduces maintenance and reduces operating costs. Just plug it in, wait a few minutes, and you’re good to go.


This compressor features double pressure meters to control the pressure and pressure of the pump cutoff. It is capable of running most indoor air tools and of blowing up plumbing lines.

3 CFM At 40 PSI, 1.8 CfM @ 90 PSI, and 1.8 CFM @ 100 PSI are available. It just takes 98 seconds to fill, and the surge protection is constant for 24 hours.

Long-term and transportable

The 0.8 hp engine is in the Homegreg compressor. It operates at 1680 RPM, which means that the motor and pump life is longer. In addition, it weighs only 45 pounds and is supplied to facilitate transportation with wheels on the bottom of the machine.


  • Compact size which is easy to keep
  • Quiet engine
  • 24-hour continuous work
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • None


11. Stealth 12-Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor-Quiet with Quick Connect

The Stealth Ultra Quiet Air Compressor 12-Gallon is three times as long as other similar equipment. Although, don’t let its size discourage you. It is 80% quieter and comes with a 1,5-hp engine with two-air pumps and a fast connection. Ideal for personal and business use. Here are a few other remarkable aspects of this machine:


It’s not only a strong but durable, stealth air compressor. It is composed of heavy-duty steel housing Q235B and has a solid structure. In air compressors, steel tends to be longer lasting than aluminum. So you can take a cloth without hurting the unit here and there.

Strong and quiet engine

A strong 1,5-hp induction motor is provided for this air compressor. This engine runs dual air pumps to provide you with constant compressed air. The oil-free pump means that the machine requires little or no maintenance, saving you time and money. In addition, you can work inside at only 68 decibels without damaging your ears or compromising a conversation.

Amazing Air Output

The machine may be expected to produce 4 CFM @90 PSI with 150 PSI peak thanks to the powerful 1.5 hp induction engine. It takes about 75 seconds to fill in an empty tank. This machine also offers an easy beginning with chilly temperatures and starting with low voltage. And has a variety of temperatures, which you can also use to utilize your device anytime. 


  • Very quiet
  • Portable
  • Quick connect equipped
  • High air pressure 
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not lightweight


12. Stealth Ultra Quiet Air Compressor-Portable & Quiet

Look no further than the Stealth ultra-silent air compressor for a device that has excellent air compressor as well portable, quiet, and powerful. The uniquely stacked tank design allows this equipment to store air pressure without compromising space. Let’s see what else it’s got to offer:

Strong & Silent

In air compressors, you sometimes just can’t find the two alternatives, but both of these possibilities do. In addition, it boasts a revolutionary <65 dBa silent system which is 80 percent quieter and has three times the service life of its competitors. It is also equipped with a 1.3 hp engine, which operates a dual air pump to give continuous pressure. Then, when the coldest temperatures come, you have nothing to worry about because it starts easily whenever you need it.

The perfect output of airflow

The 1,3-hp powerful engine gives 3 CFM @ 90 PSI with 150 PSI high. The recovery from an empty tank, holding 4.5 gallons of air combined, takes only 70 seconds. Twin stack tanks enable air capacity to increase without jeopardizing space.

Portable & Durable

Thanks to the handy, rubber reinforced grip, the Stealth Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is easy and fast to rotate whichever way you need it to face. In addition, the bottom of the device is equipped with two 6 inch rubber wheels for easy movement of the tank.

When done, easily roll it to its storage space for later use. If you’re worried about dings and dents, don’t worry— the box is made from stainless steel Q235B for optimum durability.


  • Stunning air output
  • Quiet operation
  • Portable
  • Oil-free
  • Durable housing
  • Easy to stack


  • None

Things to know About Quiet Compressors

What Makes Air Compressors So Noisy?

An air compressor should be a suitable machine for blowing tires, working in the store with power tools, and more. However, it should not cause you trouble because it creates sufficient noise to injure your hearing. That’s why an air compressor with a low decibel rating should always be considered. The compressor will generate less decibels and therefore less noise. Interestingly, let’s look at a few places and factors where the “noise” actually comes from.

Source of power

It is also assumed that a gas-powered compressor would be louder than an electric compressor, as combustion and moving metal parts are produced. Compressors run off the voltage of electric air. An electric car functions similarly in this way. They are naturally quieter than gas or diesel-powered automobiles.


Friction is the largest compressor noise attribute. In the machine, metal can be hit or slid, causing it to sound noisy against other metal pieces. The theory is that the more compressor parts are moving around, the louder the sound they produce. This is only logical.


Along with friction and the energy source is the ambient environmental elements. The air compressor environment can contribute to the noise it produces. It enhances noise production if your compressor is placed in an open area on a smooth concrete floor. The noise may be reduced when you work in a limited place with plenty of things in the vicinity which block the sound waves.

Does The Horsepower Influence How Quiet An Air Compressor Is?

Many reasons make the air compressor so silent or noisy, but horsepower isn’t one. Capacity is only the measure of how difficult the engine can work. But RPMs and grease contribute to the noise of the compressor. So the lower the RPMs, the lower the sound will be.

For example, roughly 79 noise decibels are issued by 1.730 RPM. Moreover, there will also be no friction of an oil-lubricated compressor—since there would be no more friction with an oil-less machine.

How to silence an air compressor?

If you have an air compressor you like but is a tad on the noisy side; you can try a few strategies to lessen noise.

Install High CFM air compressors with a silencer

The leading cause of high-frequency pulse noise from an air compressor is the air supply. The air taken into the compressor passes through a valve or flapper, which vibrates with each pulse.

A muffler installation helps lessen the sound created by the air intake system. One or two street elbows can be purchased, or a DIY silencer can be produced.


The installation of a rubber insulation mount for anchoring is one of the best and cheapest ways to reduce noise from air compressors. This is best suited for fixed compressors. If you have a stiff plumbing installation, you can also install a short, flexible airflow between the compressor and the piping.

You don’t want hard noise radiating connections. For electricity connections, use a tube or rubber cord.

Soundproof box

The entire compressor can be covered with a DIY soundproof box or an insert damping box. It is a perfect approach to lessen or remove the noise produced by the compressor. In essence, you are building a box that runs through the compressor and installs sound absorption materials on all sides. This can be similar to creating a small recording studio box, for those that are also into music. The sand-filled voids can also be used to make concrete blocks.

Use Material for Sound Deadening

The soundproof room in which your compressor is located is a straightforward approach to reduce noise. Noise from the compressor bounces off solid items. These materials operate as mufflers absorbing the noise in the workspace when your compressor is near a wall or in the corner. Cover the walls with a sound-absorbing blanket or acoustic material around the compressor.

How silent is the Ultra-Quiet?

Silence is silent, but how quiet is it? A typical discussion is usually between 55 and 65 decibels in perspective — to put this in perspective. As far as the air compressors are concerned, an ultra-still unit is less than 72 decibels.

This allows you to talk to someone while the air compressor is running. You usually do not need to use earplugs, and there is no risk that your hearing will temporarily be lost.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Is the Quietest Air Compressor 60-gallon?

Our research is based on the quietest 60-gallon air compressors of CAT60040CAD from California Air. Check out a detailed review of the item above.

How is my compressor noisy when it’s supposedly a quiet one?

You may need to fix it if you’ve got a quiet compressor that isn’t “silent”. For instance, rattling noise frequently indicates that an element has come free in your air compressor. This means that the problem is getting worse if the sound is getting louder.

Why do I hear sounds from my compressor?

If you are not very knowledgable in repairing compressors, then it would be best to all a specialist. It is better to spend a few extra bucks to be safe rather than trying to fix it ourselves and adding to the damage.

Why does a loud noise come from my air compressor?

Loud noises may show the necessity for the replacement of your air compressor. If it sounds like a hiss or bubbles, this generally implies that the refrigerant is almost surely leaking. Often an excessive internal pressure causes a screaming sound. It can be harmful both to the compressor and potentially to the immediate surroundings.